About us

This is Aaron

This is Aaron at Petra


Hello and welcome to the EnduroBros website. I wanted to take a page on here to tell you a little about my brother and myself and about our mission.

My older brother, Aaron, is an army veteran and has spent several years teaching MMA. More recently he graduated college. He’s always loved motorcycles and it’s been his dream for many years to do an intercontinental ride.


This is me in Moscow


I’ve always shared my brother’s love of traveling. After graduating college, I almost immediately left the USA and began teaching English in South Korea and Vietnam.  I did my best to travel between contracts and see as much as I could. During these travels, I would often meet up with Aaron and we found that we made reasonably good travel companions. When Aaron told me about his motorcycle idea, I said I’d like to join him.

2012-09-08 09.58.22

this is the route we took

So we made plans to ride enduro motorcycles from around our home in Chicago to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. That location was chosen because it’s about as far south as you can ride and it sounds really cool.

We started our endeavor about two and a half years ago. We rode through the USA, down Baja, Mexico, took a ferry and rode through Mexico and Central America. We strapped the bikes to a boat and got them across the Darien Gap. Right at the Colombia-Ecuador border, I crashed my bike and shattered my ankle as well as our hope of making it to Tierra del Fuego that year.

broken xray

it was very broken


I flew home and had a long series of medical issues that made recovery kind of rough. We never did give up our goal, however. Thanks to friends in Colombia who have watched after our bikes, we were able to go back and give it a second try.

We only got as far as Peru that time. We spent a full three months in Peru. There’s a lot more to see there than we originally thought.

We got to Lake Titicaca and, after contemplating the rest of the journey and the state of my oil burning KLR650, we turned back and left the bikes in Lima.

Now, we’re on our third and final attempt. The plan is to fly back to Lima with a new engine. We’ll put that on the KLR and ride back through Peru, on through Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina.  Whereas the other two legs of this journey had deadlines, this time we’re not leaving that continent until we reach our goal.




This is us spending time with children in Guatemala who attend school at a dump

One purpose of this website is to connect and involve as many people as we can in our adventure. Additionally, we try to stop and volunteer and/or aid causes that we believe in along the way and would like to give those organizations a platform for connecting to people too.

During our first trip, we volunteered at an orphanage in Guatemala.

During the second, we spent about a month working with The People of Peru Project.

This time, we are raising money for Task Force Dagger; an organization that supports special operations military and their families.