Here’s another state we didn’t spend long in. Aaron and I both love San Diego, though. When we first set the tentative itinerary for the trip, we thought we’d give at least two full days to the area as a reward for having made it to our exit point from the USA. We gave up that hope as we spent longer than we intended to working on the bikes in Colorado. We were behind schedule and figured we couldn’t spare the time.


TylerBecause of this time press, I couldn’t spend more than a lunch with my good friends Tyler and Adam as we passed by them near Mentone.


But on arrival to San Diego, it turned out that, because Aaron had ordered that oil cooler to San Diego from Colorado, we did actually get to spend a full two days there as we waited for the part to be delivered to Aaron’s friend, Mike’s place.


We’d also had four tires and some other parts waiting for us there.

New Oil Cooler


Basically, we hung out. We slept a good deal more than we were used to. We watched the Bears game at a Bears bar near the beach. I had my iPod fixed at an iPod/computer fixery. I changed my front tire, partially because my front tire was rotting/wearing away and partially because strapping two tires to my bike sounded unpleasant. And upon arrival of the newer oil cooler, we departed San Diego and headed towards Tijuana.


While we really had no intention to stay in Tijuana, it was the closest border crossing and we figured it’d be easy enough to get through.

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  1. Maliyah 29 April, 2017 at 05:54 Reply

    Brendiss:yo vi en la TV que pelnrsarizaoon un auto para una chica, y para que se viera mas femenino hicieron un tubo de escape lanza-burbujas (pompas de jabon)…. pero creo que en la bici se ve mejor, por que vas a menor velocidad y se ven mas graciosas..

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